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What is your view of the developed Ugandan Alphabet?

It is good for Uganda

With time it will be good for Africa

It will highly contribute towards our country's meaning of independance

It is best appropriate for use under classified content

It is not of great use in anyway

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View the sky through our live telescope in Uganda
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Former PPS Akello Grace, she supported us both financially & morally, one time she saved us from serious starvation back in 2011 when no one knew about us yet. She is one of the reasons we are here today.
Thank you very much for the moral support you gave us, to help us stand through the rough seas
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Friday 19 November 2021 - Cadimella made its first long range transmission
Posted by: Admin  Category: African Space Research Program  Contact: -email- 
When: Friday 19 November 2021
Location: Jinja/Kimaka
Today Cadimella space observer was controlled by an ASRP technician in Kampala, he was sending commands to Cadimella Space observer in Jinja.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to announce that Cadimella managed to respond, and execute commands successfully, the person in Kampala managed to control its cooling system, charging systems, vents, fan, parachute deployments, etc......

As we talk, ASRP technicians have bussed Cadimella to worldwide GPS Satellites, At ASRP we can control Cadimella wherever it is in the world skies, We repeat, we can control the Cadimella wherever it is in the world's space.
This is a major breakthrough in regard to deploying a Space Observer in lower orbit, as we talk Cadimella is still undergoing final touches, however Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to mark this day, today the first African Space observer made its first long-range transmission and executions successfully.

Work is still rolling at Kimaka/Jinja. Special thanks to the Ugandan Government for Okaying these extra ordinary operations never seen before in Africa.

Chris Nsamba with his 8 crew technicians are aiming higher by the Day in Jinja, excitement, joyousness is about to strike Africa.

Remember Cadimella is heading with a mice into space, if we can keep a mice/rat alive in space; we can definitely keep a human alive up there; Cadimella has more than five mission objectives.

Mission continues, pictures will be uploaded in the right time, at the right moment shortly!

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