Tuesday 11 August 2015

Uganda Manufactured A Baby Incubator

Tuesday 11 August 2015 - 19:35:30 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
Uganda has manufactured the first advanced Baby incubator in Africa under Christopher Nsamba as the leading scientist & Director to the organization
This machine is a Baby incubator or NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
It was fully manufactured from here in Uganda, technicians got hands off last November, 2014. Since then it has been under testing and awaiting a Presidential way forward. Below are some of the features:
1. Monitors SP02 (Oxygen in baby's blood)
2. Heart Bpm (Heart Beats per min)
3. Shows a pulse graph for the heart
4. Monitors breathing and alarms if baby stops breathing
5. Everything controlled by touch screen monitor
6. Manufactures oxygen from enviroment
7. You can set tempreture between 32, to 38c
8. Humid between 60 to 100%
9. It has a computer controlled anti mosquito system
10. Wireless device which transmits data to a nurse so that they don't have to sit and monitor the machine in one place.
It is a computer which refills water whenever required.
11 machine runs on windows 7 
12 Automatic humidifier 
13 Automatic sanitizer 
This machine has tons of more great features. 
To watch its demonstration video, please click here
This machine has been technically tested; it was manufactured under the "Save Children Campaign" within the African Space Research programme.
We are waiting on H.E. The President for deployment instructions then it starts saving lives immediately;  as you read this, a premature baby has just died somewhere in Uganda. 
Friday 19 February 2021

World's Largest Baby Incubator

Thursday 18 February 2021 - 03:00:00 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
The World's Largest Baby Incubator is already into National Service saving Ugandans
The World’s Largest Baby Incubator is deployed in a Ugandan Government Hospital, it is estimated to save over ten thousand critically ill babies annually. 
It was fully manufactured (Not assembled) from ground zero with videos in Uganda, by the same scientists who manufactured the First African Made Baby Incubator back in 2016 which was deployed in Mukono, a Government Hospital. 

Since 2017 when it ran into National service. The Mukono advanced baby incubator has saved 4822 babies as of December 31 2020. (The Mukono hospital baby incubator is is not the world's largest baby incubator)

The World’s Largest Baby Incubator is our latest project; estimated to save over Ten thousand babies annually with advanced technologies built onboard that are not yet found in any currently sold baby incubators on the market, nevertheless it carries ten babies at a go in different chambers, all monitored by two inbuilt servers which also monitor various sensor perimeters and processes; which makes it the World’s Largest and most technologically advanced baby Incubator as of 2021.

If we are to attach wires end to end, this incubator has over 12km of wiring. 

This equipment is fully engineered by Christopher Matovu Nsamba, a Ugandan scientist with his helping team which he trained  personally for over Ten years.

A word of special thanks goes towards the Ministry of Health-Uganda, dedicated specifically to the office of the P/S for enabling such a milestone for Uganda in terms of technologies and saving lives. 

Regarding Baby incubator technologies, as of 2021 Uganda has set a step further compared to the rest of the World; 

Congratulations to Uganda, Congratulations to P/S Ministry of Health for this great achievement.  
Saturday 02 February 2019

The Biggest Baby Incubator In The World

Saturday 02 February 2019 - 20:30:25 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
Christopher Nsamba, A Ugandan built the largest NICU/
REMINDER: The first African Made Baby incubator that Christopher Nsamba made, which Ugandan Government deployed in Mukono Hospital, has saved 235 babies as of Feb/2/2019, who looked straight into the eyes of death; We are glad that 234 babies saw today’s sunrise because of our  effort, its videos are below on this very page.
 Ladies and gentlemen, as we recently notified you, we are engineering another advanced baby incubator, the one which is in the above picture with someone standing besides it (It is not painted yet) This incubator understands and can make decisions in case of an emergency when medical personnel are not close by. 
Below are a few of the 638 features we am installing into it: 
1. It carries 10 babies at once, in 10 different chambers
2. Some babies get brain injuries (Twitches) during birth and they end up with continuously moving body parts, when it is not the baby doing it, for example, the baby can have the hand move back and forth continuously; this can cause the baby to become so tired and die (Twitches) This machine has a technology which fixes damaged brain cells for neonates 
3. Some babies delay to breath upon delivery and get dead brain cells, if they survive, they become mentally disabled. This machine has a technology which stops brain cells from dying off if baby is loaded as quickly as possible. 
4. Normally, oxygen is delivered to babies through tubes which they bypass over the nose, this machine can deliver oxygen wirelessly to the baby, without any tubes attached to the nose, I discovered some babies are really irritated by this conventional way of oxygen delivery; SAVANT X delivers oxygen wirelessly. 
5. It is  loaded with two servers which were was customized through custom made softwares to be able to read the 1087 sensors am deploying onboard, to understand, interpret them and call out decisions accordingly, incase this machine is confused about a decision to take, it will be able to communicate to the international pediatric network, for further advise incase no local medical personnel can save a baby, and when it is trying to do so by its self. 
6. Am designing it with a heat bank, this machine stores heat, in case of power failure as it is common in Uganda, this machine continues operation as normal, when power is off, sensors, servers and much more pick power from the secondary 1, secondary 1A, and primary 1A BUSS backups, and picks heat from its heat bank, all sensor and software governed. In short summery, it remains fully functional when power is off and can warm all the 10 babies at individually set temperatures for 6 days without power; sustaining full functionality. 
7. This machine remembers faces of those that work on it, if someone whom it doesn’t know attempts to remove a baby, it will lock all cabins and call the head of department on phone, if its fine, he/she just answers the phone and says, override. Then it will allow the new person to reach the baby, if the head of department thinks it is an intruder, on phone he/she says arrest. It will even lock the room doors where the incubator is so that the intruder does not escape, then continue having all the 10 babies locked into it. 
8. Incase of a fire, this machine can cut off smoke from reaching the babies, and it 100% supports them on the auxiliary oxygen buss.

We won’t give you a headache, that will be all for you; however the Machine we deployed in Mukono is considered to be the most advanced baby incubator in the world until this one is doen, Genesis World Book of record is still looking into it; before they are done; We are now designing a more advanced one, it is in its primary stages, we are still working on it from Ntinda. Am doing my best, assisted by my student engineers am training; to have it report for duty in FEB-MARCH 2019. Main unit carries 6 babies, and it has four more auxilary incubators it governs, carrying for babies, when they are attached to it as roof branches. 
This advanced equipment was designed, built  by Christopher Nsamba, a Ugandan scientist.
From Ntinda, we are moving mountains on African Soils, May God Bless The Future of Our Great Nation, May He Bless the Internal Security Organization of Uganda, as this work is done and protected under their umbrella.
When it reaches to P/S Health, Ivan, PA and Martin Lukwago, am speechless; I thank P/S Health for having trusted my works, and having availed an opportunity, to put my technology to the test through my first incubator I engineered (In colored Picture) and I have proven my competence in line of advanced technologies. furthermore, I thank Ivan, Martin Lukwago, yes, these gentlemen have done a tremedous job pushing me forward, in one way or another; thank you very much. Thank you all that appreciate my works, it is not about money to me, it is about making the world a better place for you and for us.   
Sunday 18 February 2018

Planet size object fueling at the sun

Saturday 17 February 2018 - 03:00:00 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
This is one of the most shocking videos in mankind
Alien craft fueling at our sun; this is shocking; not to forget, this is a planet sized object
Monday 12 February 2018

This is so Odd, Really Odd

Monday 12 February 2018 - 11:56:31 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
We wish it was fake, however, it doesn't seem to be fake, this is a sign that we have no clue what is going on in life.
This is beyond our interpretation as scientist, however if this video is fake, then this guy needs to go into the World Book of Records, otherwise, as far as we are concerned, it has no signs of being fake, this isn’t adobe, At African Space Research, we consider this video legitimate; now if it is real, then this proves that we know nothing about this planet, this means we are not even close to understanding a thing as scientist; what we consider that we know; this is proof that if it is school, we aren’t even in kindergarten yet  
Thursday 30 March 2017

The wonders of the world - PERU

Thursday 30 March 2017 - 02:42:12 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
Real Alien Remains; whatever these beings are, they deserve maximum respect from the human specie, not only are they more advanced than we, but it seems they resided on earth way before. It is a honor looking at evidence of their traces in our path
alien hand.jpg
Less that two months after the revelation of the discovery in Peru of a tiny humanoid head comes another strange finding that is less humanoid and more alien-like. The hand has only three long fingers – no thumb – and has other strange characteristics which seem unidentified. This is an alien who can no longer give its buddies a high-three! 
peru head.jpg
peru ring.jpg
"Most And Above All, These People Are Not Hostile" They Still Walk Our Forests, Oceans, Skies, Homes; Always Cause No Harm When You See A Different Looking Person/Being Around; It Is A Blessing Instead. 
Monday 23 January 2017

A Drone the Size of our planet near the sun

Sunday 22 January 2017 - 08:00:00 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
There is a UFO/Space Craft The Size, it sucks in part of the sun and takes it into deep space
I found the cube near our sun again yesterday. 
It was not just near the sun, but actually pulling part of the sun out to it...sucking the surface into the cube. This may not be a occupied ship, but actually a massive drone that is the size of Earth itself. I have been carefully monitoring this cube for over 5 years, and was the first to report on it. Its till coming, about every 2-3 months, like its following a cycle or rotation, but then again, there may be thousands of these in our solar system and they may use the solar material to recharge the ship. Also its possible the cube is a space battery of sorts...that recharges with the sun and carries it off to the alien civilization that created it. 

Thursday 23 June 2016

Chris Nsamba Manufactures First Baby Incubator For Premature In Africa

Thursday 23 June 2016 - 02:35:09 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
Under efforts to save lives in Africa, Chris Nsamba manufactured the first NICU or baby incubator in Africa, it can raise babies starting at 27 weeks to 37 weeks

If you cannot view the above video of the first baby incubator made in Uganda, please visit ugandanway.com to view it; it is very interesting 
Dear Friends and Family, I have something to make you proud of 2016; I made you one of the best Baby Incubators (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) in the world; Yes friend, I just said in the world.
It was aired on UBC Tv in News room two days back, UBC choose me as Best Character of the month, this is the News Byte video.

The Ugandan Made Machine can Monitor the baby’s heart, lungs, Oxygen in blood (SP02) automated reactor; with hundreds of features. this machine was built with 188 sensors for the well-being of the premature baby with over 2 kilometers of wire.
I was shocked when I learnt from UNICEF statistics that 42000 premature babies die every year due to luck of baby incubators which could help save their lives.
I never built this machine for profit, I built it to save lives; I engineered it to help my brothers and sisters have a chance of seeing their babies grow up; but most of all, I engineered it to give these young citizens a chance to live and serve their country with Pride and Victory, that young baby in this machine could be a President, could be the best doctor, could be a scientist, could be a close one. I Just never engineered it, but I engineered it with accuracy!

All it will cost mothers and fathers is a smile!

This machine is ready for mass production; by now we could have deployed about 2000 units saving over 30000 preemies (Premature babies) in Uganda, however President called me to work out a game plan in formal writing and I was blocked by someone in his office who thinks we are politicians seeking money. Some of us are here to serve our country, We are not so rich, neither are we so poor; She wanted us to kneel to save lives, we knelt, but she still showed us that she doesn't care about those dying babies and when she is a mother. Regardless to some mean person in President's office, out of my pocket, I will support Ugandans using my best skills to save their lives; So Help Me God!I have won two awards, the first Best African Scientist 2013-2014, the second I won 3 weeks back, from Serena hotel, This Baby incubator delivered me to my latest award as Uganda's Best innovation (Exhibitor) at the event
Tuesday 30 June 2015

Ugandan Alphabet

Tuesday 30 June 2015 - 11:52:31 Category: African Space Research Program Posted by  Admin
Uganda has made its own alphabet, it has more letters/characters than the English alphabet
African Space Research Programme has released the first Ugandan Alphabet.   All alphabetical letters in the Ugandan alphabet hold meaning reflecting that letter, this alphabet was composed in a duration period of two years by Christopher Nsamba
This alphabet is in use within the African Space Research Programme as you read, and it has been fully copyrighted.   
We look forward towards teaching Ugandans this type of alphabet through the Ugandan Government. Please feel free to share this alphabet, feel free to learn it, you can download a larger picture of our alphabet by clicking below:

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