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What is your view of the developed Ugandan Alphabet?

It is good for Uganda

With time it will be good for Africa

It will highly contribute towards our country's meaning of independance

It is best appropriate for use under classified content

It is not of great use in anyway

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Former PPS Akello Grace, she supported us both financially & morally, one time she saved us from serious starvation back in 2011 when no one knew about us yet. She is one of the reasons we are here today.
Thank you very much for the moral support you gave us, to help us stand through the rough seas
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The above picture is protected by Bukedde copyright! The dead body that is down on the ground, the entire face was swolen due to use of axes, etc.......

It is five years now since one of the most historical events happened in African History! Aug/12/2006, an alien being was killed in Mitiyana, Kasanda region, this alien had six extra long fingers and toes with an extra large pupil in its eyes, if you were not so obsavant, you would think her eyes were black.
Our visitor from the stars was killed by the Ugandan Police, it had been mistaken for a ghost/zombie, monster, something along those lines. 
They shot it six rounds, it never died completely, then they hit it's head with axes, including any other material that would destroy life, that is why in the Bukedde news you see it's front head smashed. 
The hunt for this being lasted for a week until they found three of the visitors from the skies wondering freely by the road side, the two managed to get away, only one was killed!

A week prior to people claiming about ghosts/monsters in their neighborhood, residents of Mitiyana witnessed a flying dish; they assumed it was a satellite under testing, something more of like those GPS satelites they assumed! Residents of Mitiyana, don't know UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) they had never been educated about UFOs by then, so they thought the flying dish was some type of earthly technology being tested.
We believe that this UFO witnessed by hundreds of residents broad day time, belonged to our visitors whom one got killed cold blooded. The most weired part is, after two of the visitors escaping from Police, no one witnessed them UFO leave from this region up to date.
During the week of hunt, many allegations were made about our visitors from the stars, some claimed they raped women, others after seeing them, they fell sick. The sick part could be right, because of foreign radiation that these people/aliens have, they might cause our body to go out of line if we get direct contact with them.

The rape story was false, all our visitors were females, how can a female rape a female? And in the medical report about the complainants, their was no evidence of rape! Just because they saw people having different looks compared to ours, they immediately declared them enemy, they sounded a false alarm. That was wrong!! Ladies and gentlemen, these people can travel from them planets and visit ours, however we do not have the technology yet of delivering a human to another planet even in ten light seconds of distance, it means their civilization is so much mature and advanced better than ours, if we could just sit down together, make friendship; and they teach us how they do it, wouldn't it be far much beneficial towards the human destiny?
After our visitor was murdered, she was taken to the mortuary of Mitiyana Hospital, the next day it was burried in a public cemetery, a week later officials of a country we won't mention, came, dug out the body from the ground and had it taken away.

Ladies & Gentlemen, We lost a chance we might never have again in our generation, The two that got away, what report did they return to their officals? That we're cold blooded killers? Most times mentioning a word alien, you're considered crazy by most, that is a global fact, however of recent the American government arcknowledged officially that aliens crashed in Roswell, you can google it up! Was the U.S entire government crazy? I don't think so!
You might think we're crazy, but hundreds of people in Mitiyana aren't crazy, if you are in Uganda, feel free to launch a private investigation on this matter, just ask residents there about a ghost that was rapping women, then killed by police, everyone knows and most saw with their eyes!

It is you and me, we to educate our brothers and sisters about visitors from the stars, the police officer who shot them, didn't wonder if a ghost feels pain. He shot it the first round, it screamed! Don't you wonder since when ghosts started feeling gun shot pain? We need to educate each other, this will save man-kind one day. This home work is not for U.S. Alone, China, Japan, it is for all of us, so long as you reside on planet Earth.
Welcoming visitors, learning from them, will help us cheat hundreds of years in scientific practice! Ladies and gentlemen, today it is five years twenty seven days since one of the best gifts ever given to man kind was destroyed.
We have had visitors from the skies killed in different countries, the most previous story was from Iraq.
A news story of the alien killed in Mitiyana has been posted, titled “Bukedde” this news story is in Luganda language, however sub heading reads “A Ghost that was rapping women has been killed by police”

Ladies & gentlemen, it is us to help our little ones understand, so that they don't make mistakes our and previous generations have done, teach your youngones that those stars on the sky are planets like this one we're on, solar system, and galaxies, tell them that one star could be a pile of millions of stars parked together, this is known as a galaxy, tell them that other starts are singe planets like ours, then teach them that as we exist on this star/planet earth, which is one of the millions of planets in our galaxy, tell them some people reside on other planets too.
Lets teach them that visitors from the stars are good, unless when there is concrete eveidence that the specific visitors are violent or cause a threat towards the human race, teach them to love these visitors, teach them that it is a blessing for one to have a chance to see them.

Lets teach our youngones folks, perhaps the friends we help them make, will save them lives one day when we're all gone, so long as our youngones are saved, am sure we will all smile wherever we will be. It starts with you!

Killed In Iraq, just because he looked diffrent, what a handsome being that we lost
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