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What is your view of the developed Ugandan Alphabet?

It is good for Uganda

With time it will be good for Africa

It will highly contribute towards our country's meaning of independance

It is best appropriate for use under classified content

It is not of great use in anyway

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View the sky through our live telescope in Uganda
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Former PPS Akello Grace, she supported us both financially & morally, one time she saved us from serious starvation back in 2011 when no one knew about us yet. She is one of the reasons we are here today.
Thank you very much for the moral support you gave us, to help us stand through the rough seas
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jesse.jpgThose That Passed Away Before Our Victory
Jesse Wamala was at workshop working as usual, then he developed high temperatures, because we had no money at workshop he insisted that he would be fine, then took some panadols and a nap/slept. Chris realized that he was getting worse, not to forget; that very day the entire team had missed meals, we completely had no money, so Chris instructed him to return to his loved ones and recover, which he did. From that day, Jesse never returned, we got to learn that after three days elapsed, malaria killed him. We learnt of his death after a year. We were not there to say goodbye to our old friend, we had worked together for years but no one had taken trouble visiting his home/family. From that day, we stopped taking things for granted, we all took time to learn each other‟s family and contacts. He was a genius. Uganda lost a young Patriot, he was not working for salary; he worked for love to his country as a student space scientist. If we had money for upkeep, perhaps our boy would be alive today, we have no option, except to accept defeat and that he is gone forever. There is no day any of us got a misunderstanding with him; This is not an exaggeration, it is a fact.
Jefas Kyilabira worked with us as usual at our workshop in Ntinda, as he left for the last time, he requested the plane’s tail to be painted blue, something that Chris okayed. Later on we received a call at 5am that Jefas had been electrocuted in his room to death after his neighbors had a fight and set their room on fire, Jefas escaped the fire but then returned to save his belongings, that is when he got electrocuted to death.
Jefas had a stationary library where Crane Bank sits today in Ntinda, he used to get some money from his business and support the organization’s work.
One time he tried to sell his camera to support the organization, of which Chris stopped him because this camera was given to Jefas as a gift. Jefas was a geniuses, he loved space, he loved his country and no one ever had any misunderstanding with him.
Mirembe Grace helped Chris Nsamba (CEO African Space Research Programme) get grabs on his first award ever since he founded the programme through a Catholic Foundation. Mirembe Got married, after a month someone set her on fire using a gas tin/tank, she was fried alive, after some days she died in hospital. We missed her, we will always honor & Remember her efforts towards the programme's victory. 
May almighty keep her safe wherever she is. 
Below is a video of her in hospital prior to her death

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