World's Largest Baby Incubator

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The World's Largest Baby Incubator is already into National Service saving Ugandans

The World’s Largest Baby Incubator is deployed in a Ugandan Government Hospital, it is estimated to save over ten thousand critically ill babies annually. 
It was fully manufactured (Not assembled) from ground zero with videos in Uganda, by the same scientists who manufactured the First African Made Baby Incubator back in 2016 which was deployed in Mukono, a Government Hospital. 

Since 2017 when it ran into National service. The Mukono advanced baby incubator has saved 4822 babies as of December 31 2020. (The Mukono hospital baby incubator is is not the world's largest baby incubator)

The World’s Largest Baby Incubator is our latest project; estimated to save over Ten thousand babies annually with advanced technologies built onboard that are not yet found in any currently sold baby incubators on the market, nevertheless it carries ten babies at a go in different chambers, all monitored by two inbuilt servers which also monitor various sensor perimeters and processes; which makes it the World’s Largest and most technologically advanced baby Incubator as of 2021.

If we are to attach wires end to end, this incubator has over 12km of wiring. 

This equipment is fully engineered by Christopher Matovu Nsamba, a Ugandan scientist with his helping team which he trained  personally for over Ten years.

A word of special thanks goes towards the Ministry of Health-Uganda, dedicated specifically to the office of the P/S for enabling such a milestone for Uganda in terms of technologies and saving lives. 

Regarding Baby incubator technologies, as of 2021 Uganda has set a step further compared to the rest of the World; 

Congratulations to Uganda, Congratulations to P/S Ministry of Health for this great achievement.  

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